About IFIP DEBST2018

DEBST 2018 (spoken The Best) focuses on the future of our Digital and Bigdata Ecosystems and Smart Technologies from a complementing science and engineering, business and innovation adoption, as well as governance and societal perspective. The resulting potential for the domain challenges we witness globally are focused at DEBST 2018 to the domain contexts of the Digital Enterprise/Organization, and Governmental/Security/Civil Society Digital Ecosystems. Building resilient systems and infrastructures, and thus yielding towards sustainable solutions for society, business, and government/security, will be an emphasis at DEBST 2018. Only then, the complement of security and trust, and agility and robustness can be delivered by the complement of Digital and Data Ecosystems and Smart Technologies.

DEBST 2018 takes place in the tradition of the Digital Ecosystems and Smart Technologies conference series and research. The newly positioned Digital and Big Data Ecosystems focus is based on the concepts of open, loosely coupled, demand-driven, domain clustered, agent-based self-organized collaborative environments. With respect to radically new forms of coordination and collaboration, agents form a temporary coalition (or longer term) for a specific purpose or goals. The essence of Digital and Big Data Ecosystems is inspired by ecological and biological system concepts, and creating value by making connections through collective intelligence and promoting collaboration instead of unbridled competition, to produce networked enriched advancement in the above outlined domain contexts.

IEEE DEST conference series has the highest citation rate among all IFIP-IES conferences. International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering International and International Journal of Engineering Intelligent Systems publish special sessions for this conference.